Friday, April 6, 2012

ArtFest 2012, Day Three

By the third day of ArtFest, some of us were beginning to lose steam.  Personally, I don't think I have ever created so much art in such a short space of time.  I loved every minute of it, and it's a bit bittersweet that this year was ArtFest's last.

So, by the time I attended Mary Beth Shaw's class "Extra-terrestrial Texture" I was running on autopilot a bit.  I love her work, and am continually impressed with her sense of composition and use of color.  I don't generally do abstracts, but have been playing around with composition and with texture for a few years.  I was really looking forward to this class.  I went into to it with the idea to pick up as much information on creating texture as possible.

Ultimately, I felt like I came away with some useful techniques.  I was completely blown away with the creativity and stamina of my classmates.  My focus was on trying out as many techniques as possible, and, as a result, I feel like my three collages are a bit busy and unfocused.  I think the lack of sleep and the creative energy drain didn't help either.  I almost didn't post these because I feel like they are not my best work.  After reflection, though, I came to the decision that the process and the mistakes themselves are informative.  The realization that not everything we make will turn out perfect is a hard lesson to learn.  I want my work to be amazing the first time, but art is like anything else.  You need practice and, no matter how talented/skilled you may be, you will have off days.

The ArtFest experience was amazing and the sense of community was one that I hope to find outside of ArtFest.  Thank you to the new friends and to the instructors who helped make such wonderful memories.

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  1. Love them! Very alien looking!

  2. Love seeing what you did in this class, and your reflections on the art process. We learn from ALL of it, even the happy accidents!

  3. Loved reading all of your artfest recap posts and seeing the awesome work that you did!

  4. these are completely awesome! very organic and interesting. especially love the bottom two.

  5. Thank you for all the supportive comments!

  6. Sometimes a new technique needs time to seep in and incorporate with the rest of our know-how. Maybe next week or next year, all of a sudden, what you learned in this class is exactly what will make a new piece stand out. Of course, I already like them, just as they are ;-)